Melta Tan: The Candyland Bride

Most girls start planning their weddings in their minds when they’re only little. As they grow up the planning doesn’t stop, the fairytale simply evolves into something dreamy and glamorous.

Then we discovered Melta Tan’s latest collection, the Candyland Bride, and it dawned on us – the idea of a pastel fairytale bride was the magical new theme that would melt the hearts of even the most un-traditional bride!

The photo shoot is set in a pastel fairytale land where all things are sweet and sweet things come to life as a princess is waiting for her prince at a candy castle. The pastel balloons were perfectly arranged as vintage chandeliers hung from the ceiling, floral bouquets decorated the floor and sweet bites of cupcakes and candy indulgence filled up the dessert stands.

The collection is made for brides, and is a favourite for pre-wedding photo shoots – and would’t they make for magical memories!


Nude Ballgown with Baby Blue Lace Pattern from Provocate by Melta Tan


Transparent Fairytale Wedding Dress with Floral Pattern & Long Tail from Melta Tan


Photo by: MYEL Studios

Make up by: Fedya Make Up

Hairdo: Icee Rosiana

Cakes by: Chef Bjorn Ny. Liem

Model: Irina Stroganova




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