Celebrating Women : Jessica Abraham

Jessica Abraham

Photographer and Creative Entrepreneur 

They say a picture speaks a 1000 words – when the camera is in the hands of Jessica Abraham it can have the same effect on your emotions too.

Specialising in fashion, beauty, commercial and corporate photography Jessica has nine years experience, seven of which have been running her self-titled business, Jessica Abraham Photography. She also opened Studio 311, a studio hire service made available to other businesses and photographers.

Jessica is empowered by the ability to build her business and lifestyle around her passion whilst “creating something that is captivating, beautiful, and unique on behalf of others,” she says.

She is also driven by the ability to work with and be surrounded by other empowering and inspiring women within her line of work.

“From my experience, having passion for what you do, determination to achieve your very best, and perseverance to overcome any obstacles – are all attributes that will help any women become successful,” she says.

Jessica shares her tips on how aspiring photographers should pursue their passion:

  • Take time to develop your portfolio in the areas of photography you are interested in.
  • Never stop developing your skills and knowledge.
  • Have confidence in your ability and work.
  • Learn from, and assist other professional photographers.
  • Networking with photographers and others within the industry.
  • Stand out from others by developing your own style.
  • Find inspiration from creative sources (magazines, online etc).



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