Hussein Bazaza : Sophia The Alchemist collection

“She found her elixir of life and lived through the ages.”

Hussein Bazaza’s Fall 2016 collection tells the story of alchemy, medieval chemical science and philosophy. Yes, we agree its not usually the type of themes you’d expect to see in a fashion collection but it is for this reason we just can’t get enough of all the pieces.

Perhaps it’s our ongoing desire to find the answers to all those unanswerable questions like where can we discover a universal cure for disease? How can we achieve immortality? and How can we transform ordinary metals into gold? – the basis to the alchemy ideology.

And Sophia The Alchemist was able to find her elixir to life – something that was going to make her happy but more importantly something she believed in, and this everything!

“By faithfully believing in something and feeling fulfilled inside, anything can be possible –youth, happiness and peace.”
“She dreamt, believed and lived her dream till the end.”
Geometric symbols, drawings and equations are the themes that make up this collection with “signature techniques of lace collage are complimented by a mix of embroideries,
embellishments and story telling prints to create a painting on the dress effect”.
Hussein Bazaza has created a truly unique collection filled with empowering elements of alchemy as well as promoting hope, happiness and art.
We can’t wait to see what the talented Lebanese designer will come up with next.
This collection was presented at Fashion Forward Dubai in March 2016, and showcased yesterday at La Mode A Beyrouth.




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