Native Dubai – a statement piece for every occasion

Authentic Craftsmanship.

To put it quite simply, is what Native Dubai, holds at its very core. The brand takes the original techniques of delicately manufactured leather such as in handbags and shoes and innovatively produces them with unique designs.

“Every Native product is made in the only way leather goods should be made. The old fashioned way.”

There’s nothing like a vintage-inspired buy. So we have chosen our favourite bags – perfect for all your occasion.

Visit Native Dubai to view their latest collection.

The ‘Owl in Graphite’ limited edition bag.


The ‘Secret Window’ in envy and black bag.
The ‘Glitzy’ in golden blue bag.
The ‘Doves in Oceana’ bag.
The ‘Golden Blue Begin Over’ bag.
The ‘Doves in Flag’ limited edition bag.
The ‘Secret Window’ in Garnet and two tone maroon bag.
The ‘Orange Prism Spellbound’ bag.

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